Welcome to my blog – one fellow’s celebration of everyday architecture, both the vernacular and the polite, expressed through a pencil.

This site springs from an assignment in the course “Master Builders of Lancaster” taught by Professor Kostis Kourelis at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 2012.  My project examined the designs of a locally prominent architect in Lancaster at the turn of the 20th century, C. Emlen Urban, through sketching his extant works.  The purpose was to more fully appreciate the physical act of designing a building in Urban’s era before the advent of computer-aided design, an excise in both engineering and art.

I prefer the exactness of elevations in the orthographic perspective because such renderings are anatomically honest yet unobservable in the real world. We can never see a building the way that it is drawn in an elevation, but we nevertheless know its real (as opposed to seen) physical dimensions. In addition, I hope to express appreciation for the built environment and the importance of historic preservation for a society, as architecture is an integral component of cultural heritage. Finally, I hope this blog to assist as a conversation piece for all the “tell me something about yourself” moments.

John William Hausladen

May 2012.



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